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The project arises from the invitation made by the artists Andrea Penzo and Cristina Fiore to a dancer (Elisa Dal Corso), to a video-maker (Fiorenzo Zancan) and to a photographer (Andrea Rosset), to work on the vision of a performative action starting from the physical concept of “conservative force”.
The performance was carried only out as a function of the video and photographic shooting; the final work is an exhibition including a video, a photographic installation and 3 cases displaying the objects and the costumes which were used.
Forze conservative escapes from any style label because its purpose is not to find a place to belong to, but to demolish this possibility. The artistic domains the subjects come from are completely different from one another; their individual poetics are questioned through confrontation.
The performative language melds with the one of video-art, installation, photography. Five artists interpret a vision.


Forze conservative (2010)
3 prints on Duratrans, lightbox + wooden frame. cm 40×60
sinedie projectroom
abnormals gallery

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