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Chiara Bortoli,

Francesca Raineri,

Andrea Rosset



Andrea Rosset



JENNIFER ROSA is a collective

of research in contemporary art

active in Vicenza (Italy) since 2005.
The body, the human figure, the

presence, the time of being are

the main themes of a research

that articultes itself through

performances, videos,

videoinstallations, photography.

Here you are is a performance. The performer moves in the total darkness of the scene, executing a physical score.
Several times the light comes on suddenly: it’s a signal that pulls him/her out of the action, compelling him/her to an urgency: being portrayed in front of the camera. The performer doesn’t have the time to choose what should be his/her image or to have a judgement on it.
His/her ex-position is the meeting point between his/her gaze, the spectator’s look and the camera’s eye in an sudden and unprepared present.


Here you are (2014)
live performance + photographic series.

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