the follower

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concept and realization:

Chiara Bortoli,

Francesca Raineri,

Andrea Rosset



JENNIFER ROSA is a collective

of research in contemporary art

active in Vicenza (Italy) since 2005.
The body, the human figure, the

presence, the time of being are

the main themes of a research

that articultes itself through

performances, videos,

videoinstallations, photography.

In The Follower the photographed subject, with his/her body/image, fulfils a performance practice inside a particular frame: the mechanism of the shooting is automatic and alternates, through a regular, fast scansion, two different intensities of light: a flash light and a continuous light. These are also two different possibilities of a pose, a photographic event that the subject/performer, within a few seconds’ time, can support or be subject to, determining his/her own portrait.
Every image is decided by the dichotomy between stasis and action, offer and withdrawal, finally between the opening and closing of the shutter.
The interpenetration between the instant and the persistence of the presence over the time flow cracks all and any possibility for a thorough representation, and refracts the identities in multiple alterities that cannot be settled; the time of photography and the time of being breathe together, seeking in the folds of their encounter a possible quietness, or a sudden jump.

The follower (2013)
Lambda print + wooden frame – cm 100×65



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