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concept and realization:

Chiara Bortoli,

Francesca Raineri,

Andrea Rosset



JENNIFER ROSA is a collective

of research in contemporary art

active in Vicenza (Italy) since 2005.
The body, the human figure, the

presence, the time of being are

the main themes of a research

that articultes itself through

performances, videos,

videoinstallations, photography.




A small group of people, in the dark and silent, close, almost fasten one to the other.
A photographic device shares their same space, dumb and blind. When the device is activated, a flash pierces the darkness and records a photographic image. It is a moment, but then, instead of plunging into darkness again, people are still lit for a moment by a second light source, and the photographic image continues to be.
Other tracks, other presences, transparent and evanescent, are imprinted with and between the faces and the bodies of the people, before the entire group precipitates again in the dark.Delight, bliss, but also de-light, deprivation of light, returning from light to dark.
Before of the light deprivation, to the faces and to the bodies are given a second chance at life; it’s just a thrill, a luminous trail, which coexists with the defined images of the first exposure, intertwined with them and from them almost indistinguishable. This ghostly imprint that acts as a transition between the total darkness and blinding flash of light, assumes in turn the form of a glimmer, of a mixture of light and dark, and so reveals an area that seems to announce the oblivion of the visible, and at the same time deny it.


Delight (2015)
Photographic installation


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